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🚩ITS COMING! 🚩 Here is the poster for this year’s MF19! We are super excited and will be announcing the bands very soon 🎸 Remember to follow our Instagram #mentalfesthc Any helpers/enquiries or support please emai
l 📧 :

🚩 LOOK OUT FOR THE RED FLAG! We are adopting the red flag motif from this year onwards to symbolise that when the flag is waved something is starting, the beginning of the healing process or just the start of a new day. When the flag is raised it’s about letting people know, it’s displaying that we are PROUD of the people we are, whether we are suffering with mental illness or not. We deserve to be seen and accepted for who we are.

RED is the colour for STOP. It’s time to make changes and stop the cycle and downward spiral of self doubt and self loathing. Its easy to feel like your falling apart when your illness takes over but it takes courage and determination to STOP it in its tracks. It’s also the colour for passion and of our hearts ♥️ it’s the colour for love. So love yourself and love those around you. 🚩STOP beating yourself up. 🚩STOP thinking your broken. 🚩STOP feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

The red flag can be waved by anyone in support of what we are doing, to recognise that sometimes we need to hold a red flag on life. Get better. Get support. Semi Colon ; “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

A symbol that has become popular since 2013 as part of started by Amy Bleul who has struggled with her own mental health and wanted to start a movement following her dads suicide. The symbol is one of solidarity and strength in numbers. Acceptance and acknowledgment that your story is over when it’s meant to be and not because of a mental illness.

Over the weekend of Mental Fest we will be offering various simple versions of the semi colon tattoo for a minimum donation of £20 * and a beautiful stylish henna alternative for people wanting something less permanent aswell as the kids! There will be stencil style tattoos for children and adults alike including the semi colon symbol too ;

* Limited advance bookings for tattoos - this is to ensure there is walk in availability over the weekend too- dates to be announced please follow pages, we are not taking bookings at this time *


Papyrus Charity

PAPYRUS was founded in 1997 by a mother, Jean Kerr, from Lancashire following the loss of her son to suicide. PAPYRUS was initially set up as the Parents’ Association for the Prevention of Young Suicide, hence the name PAPYRUS.

Since 1997, PAPYRUS has continued to listen to and learn from the experiences of those personally touched by young suicide. Today, PAPYRUS works in many ways to prevent young suicide.

So whether you yourself have a mental illness, or you think you do, or you know someone who has- come and support yourselves and each other in August! See you there and please feel free to share! 🚩♥️🚩

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