After care

Tattoo Healing


1. Keep dressing on for 3-5 hours.


2. Wash hands thoroughly before touching the dressing or your tattoo


3. Remove dressing and wash your new tattoo with warm soapy water (use liquid soap or shower gel, not bar soap).


4. Wash away all gunk and pat dry with a paper towel.


5. Air dry your tattoo for afew seconds.


6. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthan cream, then redress your tattoo with clingfilm and secure with medical tape.


7. Repeat this every morning and night for a minimum of 3 days.



Note: Do not expose your tattoo to sun, swimming baths, chemicals, dirt, ect, until it is fully healed. If the clingfilm comes off and your tattoo has started to dry, do not recover with clingfilm, just use bepanthan until healed.